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Official Business Directional Signs (OBDS)
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DOT signs- reflectorized high density signs

Maine DOT requires directional OBDS signs to be reflectorized signs. If you need existing ones replace, you'll need to get the highly reflectorized OBDS signs. They also only allow two sizes. Signs are constructed of 1/2" exterior grade plywood with high density reflective vinyl. Prices are subject to change. Please call to get a written quote.

  • 16" x 72" reflectorized sign, blue and silver with high density reflective vinyl - $455
  • 16" x 72" reflectorized sign, blue and silver, high density reflective vinyl with logo (does not include design)- $485
  • 12" x 48" reflectorized sign, blue and silver, high density reflective vinyl - $270
  • 12" x 48" reflectorized sign, blue and silver, high density reflective vinyl with logo (does not include design) $305
  • Logo design(if applicable) is additional and may be any color. If you'd like to use your own logo, you'll need to provide art ready design in a high resolution.
  • Shipping or delivery is available at an extra charge- depending on location or you may pick up at our shop.
  • Sign and post erected by the Maine Highway Department
  • Our OBDS signs are constructed to meet the Maine Highway Department standards.
Steps to having a business directional sign constructed:
  1. Decide where you'd like your OBDS signs to be placed. They need to go where there's a 'change of direction'. In other words, you can't say 'straight ahead 3 miles'.
  2. Apply for the permits with your application fee to the State of Maine. You may find the forms here.
  3. Once your signs are approved, call 1-207-992-3352 or email us to get an estimate on the total sign costs for the size and type that have been approved. Please indicate in the email if the OBDS signs are reflectorized or not and if you will be picking up or having them delivered.
  4. We will start construction of the signs after receiving a 50% deposit. The balance will be due upon completion of the signs.
  5. Thank you for choosing Maine Graphics to do your Maine OBDS signs! We hope this information has been useful. Please keep us in mind for your other signage needs.

~note- Please do not have any OBDS signs constructed until you have your permit approved from the state of Maine telling you what type and sizes are allowed. We will be glad to provide a quote on DOT signs ahead of time in so you know what to expect.

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DOT signs- OBDS compliant

DOT signs

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For information on Maine DOT requirements, visit

Call 1-207-992-3352 or email for more information. We service Maine and beyond! Vinyl can be shipped ready-to-apply for those who want to save and install by themselves. Also, shipping is available on all products! Call for a free quote!

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